Kelly White- Kelly Wynne Handbags

Its rare that I blog about anything personal on here, but wanted to brag on one of my friends!

As a fellow entrepreneur, I always have respect and enthusiasm when I meet talented people pursuing their dreams.  I had the unique opportunity while studying web design at Southern Methodist University of meeting an Ole’ Miss Southern Belle, which happens to be a new and upcoming handbag designer.  Kelly White, charmer and creator of Kelly Wynne handbags had a launch party showcasing her collection at the Dallas neighborhood boutique, Haven.  Impressed is an understatement after seeing her debut collection.
In talking with Kelly, all I could think was move over Tory Burch because there is a truly gifted Texan designer in our midst.  Her use of bold colors, custom leather, printed suede and sleek gold KW logo is sure to be a hit among all looking for the perfect handbag.  White is currently in Austin working on additional one of a kind prints and patterns for her collection.  The future looks very bright for Kelly Wynne handbags and I know we will see this young and friendly designer accomplish wonderful things.
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