Rebecca Bridal Session Dallas, Texas Bridal Photographer

What a stunning bride on the outside as well as the inside. I enjoyed this shoot throughly. Rebecca traveled from Houston for her bridal's. We had a beautiful weather for this winter day session. These are the faves from the bridal session. Watch for her and Blake's beautiful SMU wedding in a few days on the blog. 

Fallon Bridal's Dallas, Texas Bridal Photographer

How stunning is Fallon? Super excited to share this beautiful bride. We photographed Fallon bridals in Highland Park and downtown Dallas. I traveled last weekend to Fallon and Kevin’s Hot Springs, Arkansas wedding. Can’t wait to share the wedding images!

Paige's Bridals- Haskell, Tx Bridal Photographer

I spent a weekend in my hometown of Haskell, Tx to do Paige's bridal session. We traveled dusty roads and stood in white cotton fields of Haskell County. I can just smell the dirt! It was invigorating to get away from the city and shoot in the small west central Texas town that I called home for most of my life. We were able to use an old car of Paige's grandads and I must not forget to add the cowboy boots she wore under her dress. Check these out!

Kelly-Bridals- Irving, Texas Bridal Photographer

When I began prepping Kelly's images for the blog I found myself overcome with a great energy, I could just hear Kelly's laugh in every image I opened. Often times I have to ask my clients to come up with a big laugh deep within and most of my clients say, "I can't laugh on cue" so this takes some practicing, but this cheerful bride was a different story. The soon to be Mrs. vocalized one of the biggest joyful laughs I have ever heard!! It was awesome and contagious!! What a fun session!