Kelly-Bridals- Irving, Texas Bridal Photographer

When I began prepping Kelly's images for the blog I found myself overcome with a great energy, I could just hear Kelly's laugh in every image I opened. Often times I have to ask my clients to come up with a big laugh deep within and most of my clients say, "I can't laugh on cue" so this takes some practicing, but this cheerful bride was a different story. The soon to be Mrs. vocalized one of the biggest joyful laughs I have ever heard!! It was awesome and contagious!! What a fun session!


Baleigh Bridal's McKinney, Texas Bridal Photographer McKinney Cotton Mill

I have some amazing clients! I can tell that 2013 is going to be a big year of growth for Derrick Tribbey Photography. We shot Baleigh's photos at the McKinney Cotton Mill. It was a family affair she brought along her mother, grandmother, aunt and cousins. I had myself a production crew! It was awesome. She also decided to incorporate a vintage piece of furniture that was rented from Lisa at Period Charm Rentals made her photos unique than any other that I have shoot at the mill. Here are the faves! 

Robbyn-Bridals McKinney, Tx Bridal Photographer

We did Robbyn's bridal portraits at the McKinney Cotton Mill. How do I know Robbyn? Well...we go way back! See Robbyn isn’t just a client; she’s my little sister. I often like to say she's the reason I'm a professional photographer today. Growing up we were playmates and played together as kids do, I bet you can guess what we played or did for fun? Of Course, I was the photographer and she was my model. We spent countless hours doing photo shoots. Never did I dream that all of that practice photographing her would someday lead to my career. You were a beautiful bride. Can't wait to blog the wedding!


Kylie's Bridals-Lubbock, Tx Bridal Photographer

I traveled to Lubbock to shoot Kylie's bridals. We started off downtown and ended up on a Malibu Boat at the lake!! How awesome is that?!! Kylie and her now husband Beau met at the lake and had this awesome idea to shoot some of her bridals on his family's boat!! Here are a few of the faves from the session.